The smartest way to carefree water.

About Manage My Softener

Manage My Softener is a cloud-based application that allows you as a customer and as an installer to monitor your water softener remotely. Your ‘Manage My Softener’ App (Apple & Android) links your water softener to the WIFI network at home in just a few steps. As soon as the connection is set up, you can see your consumption, the status of your device and maintenance messages anywhere, anytime.

Keep track of your consumption

Being mindful of your water consumption can be important. Keep track of your water usage and receive a warning when your consumption is high or unusual. Pick and choose which warnings you would like to receive.

The smartest way to carefree water, for you and your installer.

  • Check the status of your softener at any time of the day.
  • Connect your softener through Bluetooth for an easy and intuitive setup.
  • Get an overview of your water consumption and all the important parameters that ensure soft water at home.
  • Receive notifications when your softener runs out of salt, your unit needs servicing or you have a high water consumption.

As an installer,

Manage My Softener is the ideal solution to provide maximum peace of mind for the end user.

With the approval of the customer, you get access to the installation through the platform. This gives you a detailed view of the status of each installed softener in the field. If a problem arises, the platform gives you an immediate answer. Manage My Softener allows you to remotely start a regeneration, adjust important settings, view maintenance notification or receive salt orders.


With ‘Manage My Softener’ you have access to the status of each water softener at all times. View current and historical usage data, check current settings, consult contact information,… You as installer can restart or reset the valve to offer your customer the full service and comfort of a worry-free softener.


Get an overview of the most important parameters such as maintenance info, status, regenerations and consumption at a glance


See the current and historical data of a water softener thanks to the intuitive graphs. You get insight per day, per week, per month and per year. And this for up to 10 years.


Check the status of your salt and dive into the device settings. The Manage My Softener platform is your assurance of seamless operation.

Usage Alerts

Keep track of your consumption and be notified when your consumption is high or there is a continuous water usage.


Receive notifications when you run out of salt or your unit needs servicing.


Contact your installer easily. As a water professional, you have a one-click view of all your installed softeners and customers.